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Rorschach Opened Her Eyes.

we are all puppets - but i'm the puppet who can see the strings.

rorschach opened her eyes.
Oh. Hi. Didn't see you there. -grins- I'm Zero - you will call me that until further notice. I'm thirteen years old. I'm a Sophomore in high school. I like to write, but I'm for very good.
My best friends are Mint, Lord, Erwin, Dana and Emily. They are my life.
I live on the internet too much. I live on spicy ramen too much.
I think both liking and hating Twilight are overrated. But whatever rocks your boat, I don't care.
Oh. And I'm a fatass asain.
I fancy philosophy. I often doubt our existence. What is we're all just robots? Programmed to feel, touch, think and everything? That chair you're sitting at; what if it's just an illusion? It's all fake. And we're all just controlled by this... God. He can snap at us anytime and kill us. We won't exist.
Where did God come from anyway?
My dad is named Rardy. I have five brothers, three of them are adopted and one of them just popped out of no where. There's Jason. There's Pete. And there's a the morons - Joe, Nock and Kevin. Between you and me, Joe's pretty much a dumbass. But we love him anyway.
I read and write slash and het. BUT I will only read your slash if it's well-written and of the FBR category. And I will only read your het if it's Peen Wentz or a Jonas Brother and an OC. Oh. And I write Zerardy.
Favorite authors are Palahniuk and Gaiman.
Favorite books are Fight Club, Choke, Interworld and Sophie's World.
Ugh I'm such a fucking geek.
I listen to a lot of bands and singers. I'll listen to anything, I just gotta like it.
I usually ride around the punk, rock, alternative circle. Maybe I'll squeeze in some Jonas Brothers, Eminem and Kanye West. Maybe a little folk - but that's a guilty pleasure of mine.
I like to sing. But I can tell you right now but I'm really bad.
My friends have a lot of bands. I kind of just ride behind their shoulders.
It's fun.
I have seen Fall Out Boy (twice), Panic at the Disco and My Chemical Romance live.
I'm still young - kind of - hopefully I'll get to see them again.
-dreamy sigh-
This doesn't have anything to do with music but I'm so fucking addicted to mints.
Send me some of my birthday. Or Christmas. Or right now.
Plz? Kthx.
I'm tryna think of stuff to put on here but I can't think of anything. >_>

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